CYBERBULLYING Training Course:

Understanding and Addressing Cyber bullying

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The Course

A training workshop, structured course, for those who would like to understand and address the unique features and effects of cyber bullying. During the workshop we will identify the impact of cyber bullying, how to respond to such cases and foster a culture of internet safety.


  • Increase participant’s awareness of issues relating to cyber bullying
  • Increase awareness of the short and long term effects of cyber bullying
  • Investigate causes of the cyber phenomenon
  • Encourage an empathetic response to victims of internet and cyber abuse
  • Make participants aware of their individual responsibility to keep themselves and others safe online
  • To empower students to respond to cyber bullying

Target Audience

Cyber bullying can happen at any time to people of any age. This is a practical training course for anyone involved in any schooling institutions such as educators, career advisors, teachers, student support personnel, students and so on

Training Methods

Hands on walkthrough methods will be used in order to give participants hands on perspective on tools used for cyber bullying. Group exercises and reflection groups are core to our training methods. The training course will be flexible and we will be ready to adapt it following the participant’s needs and expectations. A space will always be open for participants who will want a more active role.

Course Details

Program & Accomodation

Cost for Training and Accommodation

Training and Administration Fees: €150 /day Total €600
Accommodation and related fees: €550 for 4 day course
• 5 nights single room,
• 3 meals per day
• coffee breaks
• internet and social events

Dietary/Special Requirements

Please inform us if you have any dietary requirements or special dietary requests. If you have any allergies, please also let us know and don’t forget to bring your own medicines.

Dates Location Registration Deadline
February 16-21 Cyprus 20 January
March 9-14 Cyprus 16 February
April 4-9 Cyprus 16 March
May 11-15 Cyprus 12 April
June 8-13 Cyprus 15 May

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